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When I see or hear the word flux, the first thing I think about is the DeLorean time machine and if you don't know what that is, I blame your parents.

The next few days however, I'll also be thinking of this theme from Joomla Bamboo and I'll also like to say out loud that these guys do themselves a disservice sometimes by setting up their demo sites the way they do.

Okay, they've gone for a specific market in the themes business and they've pretty much cornered it but there is so much more to these themes than meets the eye. It's like you're getting teased by just seeing the top of the stocking.

Have I taken this too far? What I mean is, with Joomla Bamboo you often get more than you pay for.

Click here for a demo or more information

Themes features

  • 8 Simple colour schemes
  • Easily change the header and background image to suit your needs
  • Full responsive layout
  • Discrete animated search bar
  • Compatible with our responsive standalone K2 templates called Zenkit
  • Bootstrap Joomla template utilising a myriad of built in Joomla 3 and core Bootstrap functionality
  • Full support for Zentools - Our multi purpose Joomla module for creating flexible and responsive image and content grids and galleries
  • Flexible theme options with eight built in colour schemes and thousands more possible via Theme Magic
  • A flexible feature rich mega Mega Menu via the T3 framework
  • Easily drag elements using the T3 layout control to change the width and layout of modules and positions
  • Unified Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0 package

Click here for a demo or more information

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